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Teltonika DPH311 GSM Desk Phone with Bluetooth

Teltonika DPH311 GSM Desk Phone with Bluetooth

Ref: Teltonika DPH311

98.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

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Teltonika DPH311 is a desktop style GSM mobile phone with integrated Bluetooth for home or office use. The product implements advantages of mobile phone: sending and receiving SMS messages, address book, integrated rechargeable battery, making and receiving voice calls over handset, speaker or bluetooth earphone. Large LCD display with user friendly menu makes deskphone usage easy. Clearly visible LCD characters allow clear reading of text messages and fast software menu navigation. Illuminated LCD display enables deskphone usage in the darkness.


- Dual Band 900/1800 MHz GSM network
- Full emulation of fixed phone
- Large LCD display
- Speed dial 1-9 numbers
- Bluetooth
- Modern and solid case design
- Perfect sound quality
- User-friendly menu navigation
- Built In rechargeable battery back up
- Wall mountable
- Hands-free mode
- SMS Send and Receive
- DTMF transmission
- Available in BLACK only

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