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Westlake DPH500 DPH500 - The original and best GSM Desk Phone

Westlake DPH500 DPH500 - The original and best GSM Desk Phone

Ref: DPH500 GSM Phone

35.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

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DPH500® is the name given to the GSM Desk Phone provided by Westlake Connect® Ltd since 2011.

DPH500 is a registered trademark for GSM Telephones available exclusively from Westlake®.

The DPH500® is a Dual Band (900/1800Mhz) GSM Desk Phone that can be used in a variety of ways. It is essentially a mobile phone in the form of a desk phone. You insert a mobile phone SIM card, connect to the mains power and use as a normal desk phone but the calls are made using the GSM network. Calling the mobile phone number of the inserted SIM card will make the phone ring and to answer the call, simply lift the receiver.

DPH500 GSM Desktop Phone DPH500

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The DPH500® has a 'Hot Dial' feature which means that the phone can be programmed to dial a number as soon as the handset is lifted. This makes it a great care phone becuase in order for the person to make a call to their favourite number or an emergency contact, all they need to do is lift the handset. This feature also make the DPH500® GSM Phone ideal for other applications such as a Taxi Phone, Security Phone or Emergency phone. The DPH500® GSM Desk Phone can also be used as a standard desk phone in a temporary or remote office providing a quick to deploy and easy to use telephone.

Features and Specifications

Basic Features

External Antenna (TNC Connector)
supplied with Elbow Joint Antenna
Large 128×64 Dot-Matrix Graphic LCD
Screen Size: 53.2×28.2mm
Yellow-Green LCD Backlight
Speaker Phone for Ringing and Hand-Free Mode
28 Keys with On/Off Key
Alarm Clock
Hot Dial / Baby Call – Automatically dials pre-set number when handset lifted
Two-Way SMS Messaging
Adapter AC Input : 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50~60Hz
Adapter DC Output : 4.6VDC @1000mA
Battery Capacity : 3.6V/1000mAh Li+ Battery
Wall Mountable – Size: 220(L) x 180(W) x 90(H) mm
Technical Specifications

Emission Power : 33dbm±2db@900MHz, 30dbm±2db@1800MHz
Carrier Spacing : 200KHz
Frequency Range : GSM 900MHz / DCS1800MHz
Receiver Sensitivity : -104dBm
Ambient Noise : 60dB(A)
Environment Temperature-10 Celcius to +50 Celcius

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DPH500® GSM Taxi Phone / Taxi Freephone

The DPH500® Phone has extra features in the Hotdial mode that make it ideal for use as a GSM Taxi Phone or Taxi Freephone. When set in hotdial mode the DPH500® will only dial the single number programmed into the hotdial setting and will restrict any other calls being made. The DPH500® is protected with a 4 digit PIN number which can be changed during set-up to prevent unauthorised changes to the phone settings. When set in hotdial mode, the DPH500 can use SMS messages to change the hotdial number and also to check the number of calls made. The DPH500® can site on a desk, counter or table or can be wall mounted – there are no extra brackets to buy – everything is included with the phone. Spare parts are readily available for the DPH500 including mains power adapters, handsets, curly cords and antennas. The DPH500® is now available with a covered keypad with configuration of the hotdial number by SMS message. This means that the DPH500® Taxi Freephone can be installed in minutes and looks like a dedicated Taxiphone. See the video below which shows the DPH500® Taxi Phone.

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